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Security seals have a housing and a hasp moveable relative to the housing in a first direction between a locked position and a unlocked position. The hasp, in the locked position, is lockable to the housing by a disposable seal. The housing has an opening to allow the insertion of the disposable seal in a second direction different from the first direction. The hasp includes a first locking element engageable, in the locked position, with a second, matching locking element of the disposable seal to prevent movement of the hasp in the first direction toward the unlocked position and withdrawal of the disposable seal in the second direction. The hasp is attached to the housing so as to be both slidable and pivotable relative to the housing.

According to a first aspect of the invention, there is provided a padlock-type security seals comprising a housing and a J-shaped hasp, the hasp being locked by a disposable seal having a body and a head separated by a line of weakness, thehousing having first and second openings to receive the legs of the hasp, the longer leg of the hasp having a recess on its inside edge for receiving the head of a disposable seal and including means for engaging the head, the housing having a thirdopening which communicates with the opening for the said one leg of the hasp so as to allow insertion of the head of the disposable seal, the housing having a seat for the disposable seal, the third opening being laterally of the other openings such thatthe disposable seal is inserted transversely of the insertion direction of the hasp.

Because the hasp is J-shaped and the recess for the head of the seal is on the inside of the longer leg of the hasp, the body of the disposable seal when inserted will be at a position at the side of the longer leg and below the shorter leg ofthe hasp. This immediately provides for a convenient and compact design to the padlock-type security seals. Preferably the end of the body of the disposable seal is in line with or inside of the outer edge of the shorter leg of the hasp.

An edge of the third opening of the housing is adjacent the seat and forms an edge against which the seal is bent to break the seal along the line of weakness, and preferably the longer leg of the hasp extends laterally beyond the said bendingedge and thus beyond the line of weakness of the disposable seal when the disposable seal is in its inserted position.

The padlock-type security seals can be closed in a tamper-evident fashion by means of a conventional disposable seal with an arrow-head shaped head. The barbs of the arrow-head in use engage behind lips of the recess in the hasp.

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