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Padlock seal includes a main body including a first and second cavity. The first and second cavities are separated by a divider member that defines a wall in the first and second cavities. The divider member includes at least one catch formed on each wall of the cavities, and each of the at least one catches in each cavity is formed perpendicular with respect to the first and second cavities. A locking wire includes a pressing member and a pair of coupling members coupled to opposing ends of the pressing member. The coupling members each have a flexible hook portion for interfacing with said at least one catch in a corresponding cavity of the main body.

The disadvantages heretofore associated with the prior art are overcome by the present invention of a padlock seal structure that provides a tamper resistant seal. The structure of the device to achieve this purpose includes a main body, illustratively, in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped having a divider member, which has coupling holes (cavities) formed at both sides of the divider member, and optionally, and indexing portion formed on an outer surface for receiving identification information; a sealing structure that includes a locking wire having a top pressing member, an extension member extending substantially perpendicular at opposing ends of the pressing member, an inward member extending inwardly at a bottom of each extension part, and a coupling member extending with a downward inclination from the end of each inward member.

The coupling members are inserted into a respective coupling cavity of the main body. First and second catches are formed internally in the main body in a staircase structure perpendicular to the cavities. The locking wire is inserted into the main body by applying a force on the pressing member towards the main body until the coupling members come into contact with the catches in the main body.

The padlock seal is opened by breaking a single notch or cutout formed in the locking wire. In one embodiment, the single notch is formed between one of the inward members and associated coupling member of the locking wire.

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